We want to extend our thanks to all of our Coalition partners for embarking on this important journey. Together, we are unified around a shared vision to reduce health disparities, particularly for underserved populations, and to identify ways to improve health outcomes for our most
vulnerable seniors.

Take a moment to consider the potential impact of the Coalition’s work. In our mission to support front-line healthcare providers to deliver health screenings and preventative care to senior patients—in particular, Medicare-eligible and disabled people of color, we have the opportunity to identify a set of best practices and create a model of improved care that can be replicated across the country. This model can inform federal and state policy moving

As we begin our work in earnest, we thank our Coalition partners for the passion and expertise they bring to the task, and we look forward to the strides we will make together in ensuring that all seniors receive the care they need and deserve, regardless of race, disability, or socioeconomic status.

MHEC Steering Committee